Born 1944 in Leonforte, Sicily. Diploma of the Liceo Artistico, Catania 1966/67. Studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Catania, 1967-71, under Antonio Virduzzo among others. Wins several local prizes. After graduating as a lecturer in 1971 she teaches art history at various schools and art institutes in Catania, Brescia, Tori-no. Is a Member of the Gruppo Sincron in Brescia.

Marries C.P. Casparis 1974 and moves to Zurich, where she still lives and works.

1979-1990 member of GSMBA (society of painters, sculptors and architects) and GSMB+K (society of female painters, sculptors, and arts/crafts artists) which she leaves after the two organisations cease to have any impact. Member of visarte from 2012.